Focused on my trouble spots

I trained with Noah a bunch of times and I really liked how he focused on my trouble spots and pushed me hard. With the diet advice and training sessions I got down to my goal weight. I would recommend anyone to him that is looking for a good, nice, personable trainer.

Matthew L
Posted Date : 19-03-2015

Knows a lot

Training at the Force One Fitness gym with Noah has without a doubt been an amazing experience! It had been a few years since I've been on a true fitness kick, but Noah helped get be back on track. He differs from other trainers in that he has the perfect combination of true knowledge and personality. He formulates great workouts that are efficient and effective. He gets down to the "nitty gritty" of fitness, and taught me how essential weight lifting is to being lean, strong and healthy. Fellow women, fear not lifting weights! I'm far from "buff and bulky" but my strength and definition has soared thanks to Noah's amazing instruction.

Oh! He also does free fitness classes in the park which help diversify your workouts, and he knows a lot about nutrition and pre/post work out foods. I'm so happy to have access to Noah and Force One Fitness.

Rebecca M
Posted Date : 19-03-2015

Strongly recommended

Reasonable rates, super knowledgable, great motivator, gets results.

I started working out with Noah after doing a number of other activities. I wasn't in bad shape, I don't think, but for all the time I was spending, I didn't have a lot to show for it, either. Plus, I was feeling crummy about how I was eating. I contacted several local trainers before committing to work with Noah. From the beginning, I found him very eager to share information, to help me understand how to take charge of my workouts, and to help me see results. I'm working out about half of what I used to do, but getting far better results. I confess that, before, I was skeptical that working with a trainer would make THAT much of a difference. Now I know differently.

The workouts, mostly strength training but also cardio, are designed to be challenging and they are! Either working 1:1 with Noah or at the HIRT or HIIT classes he teaches for free, I am usually exhausted (in a good way) afterwards. He is good about keeping an eye on form and on providing 'prehab' exercises in order to prevent injury.

In addition to the workouts, he has helped tremendously with nutrition. He required that I keep a food journal. Getting my nutrition right has made all the difference in feeling better.

I would strongly recommend Noah and Force1Fitness for training!

Margaret B
Posted Date : 19-03-2015

Will definitely renew

Gym: I can possibly see men having a "love at first sight" experience with this gym. As a lady, I had my suspicions and questions about the look of the gym but all the gyms I've been in where commercial gyms. Minimal but effective equipment with adequate space, Air Conditioning a super plus since it's in a garage and I can just play my Slacker Radio Stations for my sessions! There is also a park literally right around the corner where we've done cardio which is a nice change from the treadmill.

Workouts: It's very different than I was use to. Noah seems to focus on strength exercises with a few minute breaks in between. At first it was weird working out with him because I hardly ever work out 1 on 1 but Noah was encouraging and seems to know when I've reached my limits even when I feel like I couldn't do anymore. Within 2 weeks I defiantly could tell that I was skinnier and stronger and that was before adding cardio or changing my diet!

Extra Tips: Noah isn't going to yell at you like a drill Sargent. He motivates and corrects during sessions and is very willing to answer any questions having to do with exercise or nutrition. Since I also have a gym membership, he gave me great tips on what to do and even did a session with me there. He occasionally runs specials so I would check the website for deals. The website is pretty cool anyways.

Overall, I am very happy that I decided to get Noah as a trainer vs. getting one at the gym. For the quality of his program and dedication Noah has for his clients, its sooooo worth the already reasonable price! Once my program runs out, I'll defiantly renew.

Nichole M
Posted Date : 19-03-2015

Noah does not disappoint!

I have been working out with Noah since March 2011. My objective was to tone up my arms for the summer. Well summer is over and I have obtained my objective and more. Working one on one with Noah allowed me to hone in on various muscle groups and learn their functions and relationship to neighboring muscles. Noah is very knowledgeable, so don't let his boyish good looks fool you. Noah hunkers down with you and shows you correct form and posture.

His gym is cozy and no frills or distractions - mostly free weights and balls, but some machines. It had always been my firm conviction that free weights were not for women. Noah has dispelled all my myths. Noah had me start off using small weight - you know the pretty pastel weights for women. In two weeks, I was using the "manly" weights. He started me off doing squats, dead lifts and bench/chest press from the beginning. I trusted his knowledge. His knowledge and my diligence have paid off. I lost over 14 pounds and two sizes in five months. (Read the "fit list" on his website).

His rates are more than reasonable for the one on one attention I received and the depth of his expertise and knowledge. His website also reflects that knowledge. It is comprehensive and covers a multitude of fitness information. My favorite article is the "fit list". It helped me understand why I never lost the amount of weight I thought I should have based on the amount of time I was makes so much sense! Noah makes so much sense!

I just want to touch quickly on nutrition. I have eaten healthy for the past four years, but Noah has shown me how to eat with my fitness goals in mind. Noah has mastered the most effective training and nutrition strategies for getting the best results with the least amount of time and money invested.

And finally, check out Noah's free HIRT classes. I have done both the HIRT and the strength training. It is the perfect Saturday morning routine and it's quick.


Pamela M
Posted Date : 19-03-2015

Increased performance and stamina

I really like the way that Noah not only trains, but also teaches. Noah is my third personal trainer and I have learned more from him in the short time I have been training at Force One Fitness than I did with my other two trainers.


I have seen changes in my appearance (loving the definition in the arms and shoulders) and have seen increased performance and stamina on my weekend hikes.


The small gym setting is perfect for one-on-one training. I highly recommend Noah and Force One Fitness.

Becky Dirk
Posted Date : 27-09-2013

I would definitely recommend Noah as a trainer.

I was the type that was always super lazy and delayed getting in shape, using the excuse of being too busy with other things like work and school. When I started working out with Noah things changed drastically; I started liking working out as I seemed to see results way faster than I expected!! That feeling of laziness pretty much went away as I became more excited one week after the other about my sessions with Noah.


He also taught me a lot about eating right and avoiding those "Empty Calories" while eating more nutritious foods. We kept a daily Food Log and he was giving me feedback off of that, and eventually I stopped using the Food Log since I understood the concept of eating what's best for my health and fitness.


His gym, although simple, has all the equipment needed and Noah keeps improving it day after day. He even added an AC in there, what else could you ask for?!


I would definitely recommend Noah as a trainer for anyone, because I believe if it worked for me it should work for anyone!

Firas Tubia
Posted Date : 27-09-2013

You rock!!

When I started training with you I had lost a considerable amount of weight, yet I was still unhappy with my progress. Walking was my form of exercise and though I was dropping numbers, (pounds) I still felt flabby, out of shape, and tired. After working with you once I realized just how out of shape I was. My body ached everywhere!


After one month I felt more energetic and able to complete my workouts with you. In two months I visibly saw the difference in my back and thighs. It’s been about six months now and I’ve dropped about two dress sizes and I FEEL healthy and strong.

I’ve been able to work out my aggressions in your gym and I love it! Your helpful hints on nutrition help me in my day to day choices. Like eating fruit in the morning with my coffee and choosing almonds as my dessert (if I’m hungry) instead of having something with carbs, and eating a little more carbs on days that we workout.


Having always been a heavy woman I was always intimidated walking into a gym. Working with you privately allows me to be at ease. Although, I’m now feeling more confident and have little problem stepping in a gym and getting to work.
Noah, working with you has improved more than my body and mind, it has changed my confidence and spirit!


You rOcK!

Melanie Guiterrez
Posted Date : 27-09-2013

Noah consistently challenged me

1979 was the year I last weighed less than 200 pounds. At a 262 pound high, I had high blood pressure, was pre-diabetic and had trouble comfortably flying or sitting in theater chairs. 2006 is the year I achieved my goal to weigh less than 200. Aside from the initial measurable results of 40 pounds and almost 30 inches in 90 days, I established a new lifestyle with a balanced nutritional diet and exercise. My blood pressure and blood sugar counts were considered good.

I did not accomplish this on my own. Noah Davidson, my trainer, consistently challenged me then and now. He created and adjusted exercise plans with each new skill I acquired and meal plans to match my tastes. He saw me through the emotional highs and lows of my weight loss. He helped me develop strength and stamina at a level I haven’t enjoyed for years. Noah’s constant encouragement has given me a confidence that with hard work I will succeed with my long range fitness plan. To date I have lost a total of 95 pounds. The road isn’t always straight but Noah helps me get back on course when I stray from the goals I set for myself.

I have said it many times, “Noah saved my life.”

Patti Lewkowitz
Posted Date : 27-09-2013

More motivate and stronger!

I’ve been working out with Noah since June 2010. I was losing motivation going to the 24hr Fitness gym myself. I wanted to build some definition in my arms and legs and overall just to get into better shape. Since working out with Noah, I am more motivated to go to the gym. I feel stronger in my legs and upper body and I could see my body changing. Keeping a food journal has helped me a lot. Noah reviews my food journal every time I see him and gives me feedback on what I need to improve on or how well I did or did not do in my eating. Noah has helped me to realize how much snacking I do every day and made me more aware that I wasn’t eating enough protein for breakfast. He has made me more aware of what to eat before and after a workout so my recovery is shorter and what types of food to avoid.

I like working out with Noah at his gym. He pays close attention to my form so I don’t end up hurting myself. When I used to try “dead lifts” at 24 hr Fitness my back would hurt the next couple of days just lifting 30 lbs. Now Noah has me lifting 85 lbs with no back problems. My upper body is stronger now and I enjoy working out with him. He challenges me. He knows when I’m ready to move up to higher weights. He comes up with a lot of different exercises and he explains what muscle group I’m working on. Working out at his gym, I get the one-on-one attention and I don’t get distracted with other people around like I do at 24hr Fitness. I highly recommend Noah as a trainer!

Cyndee Lee
Posted Date : 27-09-2013

Amazing personal Trainer

I've known Noah for a long time. I've seen him transform from a scrawny video game playing teenager, into a lean mean weight-lifting machine. So a year and a half ago, when I decided to start working out, it was a simple decision on who I would look to for guidance in achieving my goals. His personal experience with exercise, knowledge of the human anatomy, and genuine care for others makes him an amazing personal trainer. He has taught me that being healthy and staying fit can be more than just a hobby, it can be a way of life.

You have to eat well, lift smart, and get plenty of rest in order to achieve the body you always wanted. And I am proof that it is possible. I've gone from 200lbs of flabby belly, down to 165lbs of solid, bar-bending muscle. I feel great physically and my self-esteem is higher than it's ever been. I know this may all seem cliché, but i guarantee that the results Noah can help you achieve are anything but average. Give Noah try. Do it for yourself and do it for your health, you can't enjoy life without it.

Dante Romandia
Posted Date : 27-09-2013

Like Noah's training style

I think training has really improved my strength. My ice skating coach has been amazed at how fast I have been able to get everything back after being off ice for 7 years. I think strength training has played a big role in that. I feel so much better overall getting back into shape.

My appearance has also changed, with much more definition and muscle tone. I like your style of training, in which you are encouraging but also understanding of other factors such as prior injury/pain and will work around that. I also learned more about nutrition, more fine tuning to help with my weight loss goals.

Stacey D’Andre
Posted Date : 27-09-2013